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social media.

A tool that allows you to increase the loyalty of your potential customer.
We will create a positive image and organize sales of goods and services in the most popular social networks.

automatization tunnels.

Automate your processes, tunnels and mailings in messengers and email. Reach more customers. Interact with interactive and modern solutions

ppc advertising.

Expend adv will bring new customers as quickly as possible, and the display will cover 96% of the Internet audience.








dollars of marketing budget

what we do. about us

We help companies and brands to implement their ideas in excellent projects, become trendsetters in their niche and increase trust.


Companies around the world, from legendary brands to family businesses, achieve real results thanks to Instagram.


Get closer to your audience on Facebook. Here you will find your clients – not only among the locals, but throughout the world.


Don’t wait for people to find your video themselves. We will develop an effective strategy that will help attract viewers and promote your channel through advertising on YouTube.


Messenger simplifies the process of attracting customers, allowing people to perform actions in an application that they already use


When done right email marketing remains a very effective way of generating sales or leads.


Show your ad to potential customers right when they search for the products or services you offer on Google.

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